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Our mission is to provide evidence-based, highly effective, cutting edge services that will provide the best possible results for our clients. Our ultimate goal is to do our best to help you do your best!

We handpick our therapists to ensure the quality of our services. We understand how important is it that we take special care of every one of our clients and feel that all of our therapists at A by G are Anointed by Grace and have a unique God-given talent to provide superior services. A by G Therapy and Consulting Services is an entity under the Christian-based accessory corporation, Anointed by Grace Designs, LLC.


(Special-Language Pathologist)

Glinda is an Alabama licensed and ASHA certified speech-language pathologist. She graduated from the University of Central Arkansas with her master's degree in Speech-Language Pathology and received her doctorate degree from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions. Her research is entitled "The Effects of Parent Coaching via Telepractice on the Duration and Frequency of Shared Book Reading with Children Who are Late Talkers". She also holds certifications in Vital Stim, Aspire2, SPEAK OUT and LOUD crowd, the Safe and Sound Program, and It Takes Two to Talk (Hanen Program).

Glinda became interested in speech therapy after her father (age 43) suffered from a stroke. She grew up in a very rural area; therefore, her father was unable to receive an adequate amount of speech therapy due to the travel distance for the therapist. Her dad's home health speech therapist completed a couple of visits and then left Glinda, who was 15 years old at the time, in charge of her dad's home exercise plan. Glinda gladly took on this role.

After watching her father struggle with communicating to the point of him having anxiety attacks, she vowed to make it her mission to do her part in helping others communicate so they would not have to struggle as her dad did. After graduating at the top of her class, she traveled all around the United States, providing contract speech therapy in rural areas that could not employ a full-time therapist. In most cases, she stayed until the facility was able to find a therapist to ensure the patients received the care that they needed. After getting married, she settled in her husband’s hometown of Birmingham, AL.

Glinda has experience in a variety of settings, including skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, outpatient rehab, home health, daycares, and schools.


In her free time, Glinda enjoys traveling with her husband, spending time with her family, doing DIY girlie self-care activities, playing Pac-Man, and gardening.


Glinda proudly strives to live up to the name that her clients have graced her with: “Mrs. Fix It.” She truly enjoys what she does and gets great pleasure out of helping her patients prosper. Many of her clients say that she exudes a ray of sunshine that brightens their day and gives them hope that they will perform at their highest potential. She also is truly loved by all her "children," as she calls them, and their parents. It is a joy for her to help children begin and/or improve their communication skills.

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