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Services are available to individuals and families dealing with a variety of communication difficulties. We offer full speech, language, and swallowing evaluations and provide skilled individualized therapy for a wide variety of disorders.

Specialties Include:

Dysphagia evaluation and treatment: Our therapists are certified to use the latest technology to provide life-changing treatment for all your swallowing needs related to stroke, Parkinson’s, ALS, MS, cancer, or general weakness.

Parkinson’s voice treatment: Our therapists are certified to provide the SPEAK OUT and LOUD crowd program to help people with Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders find their voice again.

Dementia treatment: Our therapists are equipped to provide cognitive and language therapy as well as caregiver training to help those with dementia and their loved ones who are caring for them. We also administer standardized dementia screening testing.

The Play It Super Safe Program: A remote musical intervention for individuals with autism and/or ADHD that helps to regulate the nervous system and improve social and communicative behavior.

For information on how to get started:

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