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Services are available to individuals and families dealing with a variety of communication difficulties. We offer full speech, language, and swallowing evaluations and provide skilled individualized therapy for a wide variety of disorders.


Specialties Include:

The Play It Super Safe Program: A remote musical intervention for individuals with autism and/or ADHD that helps to regulate the nervous system and improve social and communicative behavior. Click here to access this session.


Language delays/disorders: Our therapists are certified in helping children reach their speech and language milestones. We also offer Hanen Training Programs and 1 on 1 parent coaching.


Emergent Literacy: Our therapists are trained in helping children with pre-reading and early reading skills. This is extremely important because these skills have a direct correlation to a child’s success later in life academically, socially, emotionally, and behaviorally.

Parent Coaching Sessions: This consists of a 55-minute Zoom meeting in which you will speak with a trained speech-language pathologist about any questions you have regards your child's communication, and an informal assessment will be done to give you the strategies that you can use with  your child that are personified to your child's level of development. Monthly parent coaching sessions are also available. Click here to access this session.

For information on how to get started:

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